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This limited edition watercolor by artist Igor Letinsky beautifully captures a simple day of Odessa, Ukraine prior to the current war. Each orginial watercolor serves to document the beauty and life of Ukraine as it was, and still is in the hearts of its people. Igor's work has documented, for generations to come, what this lovely city may lost forever to the war. Viewing hsi work, you can imagine the images fading into the background - almost prophetic of what has come to pass. In addition to making an investment in a piece of history, 50% of all purchases will benefit relief efforts through Rotary International and International Red Cross.   


"The possibilities of watercolor allow the author to convey the mood and quintessence of the moment. The works of Igor Letinsky are a story about a modern city. Written in a very elegant way. In it, Odessa appears in all its guises, which we value so much, which we value so very much."


Igor Letinsky graduated from the Odessa State Maritime University and also received a second higher education at the Institute of Postgraduate Education at the I.I. Mechnikov. He has attended master classes of famous and leading painters Eugen Chisnichan (Moldova), Konstantin Sterhov (Russia), Ann Ivanova (Russia), Tansu Ozmen (Turkey), Orhan Gurei (Turkey), Sergiv Lvsvi (Lithuania), and Ihor Yurchenko (Ukraine). He is a member of the international volunteer movement Urban Sketchers Odessa. His works have also been exhibited in the Bleschunov House and the Vorontsov Palace.


He has been engaged in creativity for as long as he can remember. "I have been inspired by different nature conditions: sunny or cloudy condition, fog, rain, storm, etc. I seek to illuminate the object in relation to the surrounding environment. I admire achitecture subjects and especially architecture of Odessa city. Igor Letynskyy 


To inquire about the original you can contact us at 318-254-3322 or email us at


This watercolor print is not framed. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Carpatians Village

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