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Fine Art

Our fine art is the convergence of culture and artistry, to be appreciated for its creative expression, aesthetic, and intellectual content, distinguishing it from decorative art. Our region has some of the best and brightest fine artists anywhere, We invite you to explore their work and enjoy it in your home or business today. 

Originals, prints, wrapped canvas and watercolor paper may be available. Call us at 318-254-3322 with any questions you may have or to find an artist to do your custom painting.

Allison German

Carolyn Youngblood

Doug Walton

Igor Letinsky

Jeff Perot

Linda Dwyer

Michael Lee

Bette Kauffmann

Christian Robinson

Hector Moncayo

Janine L. Hill

Kathy Stepp

Marlen Waters

Noula Rodakis

Box Leangsuksun

Dianne Douglas


Jean DeFreese Moore

Lauren Phillips

Maryam El-Awadi

Peter Jones

A passion for art; a heart for community
We are Northern Louisiana's premier fine art gallery

what people say

— Renee Cook, Google

“Beautiful venue with lots of custom artwork for all budgets and lifestyles.”

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