Kathy Stepp

Katie’s Dotting Korner was birthed on total accident! It started with seeing some 6x6 tile dotted on Pinterest and me trying it. I shared them on Facebook and the rest is history! I’ve grown a lot since then.. from the products I paint, to the dotting design skills I have learned. The last couple of years I moved across the country from Louisiana back to California to care for my ailing parents, which lasted for over 2.5 years and this small hobby is what sustained me through that time of having no job. The name Katie comes from my grandfather calling me that when he seen me when I was little girl and I also would tell my girls on Sunday after church that we are eating at Katie’s corner (instead of going to a restaurant) which was my kitchen. I love to pick one of a kind pieces in thrift stores, flea markets and random places because they will tell a story and there will never be another one like it!

Proverbs 3:5-6 is my favorite verse, and that’s exactly what God has done, and totally fitting for the story of Katie’s Dotting Korner!

Thank you for supporting my journey as an artist.

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