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Titled La danse a la campagne (The Dance in the Country) is an etching on wove paper. It was likely created in c.1890. Framed it 17.5 in x 21.5 in. The artwork is at least 7 in x 10 in and covered by a mat. The frame and mat are age worn. The artwork is in great condition. A signature stamp by the artist appears in the lower right hand corner.


The price is negotiable.


This artwork was previously owned by the great-grandfather of the current owner. The grandfather was an art attache for the Emperor of Austria. He once had a gallery of his own in Berlin and owned many valuable pieces from many renown artists. When the Nazi's took power, his wife made them leave Germany. They even stayed at the Vatican for a time. From there they went to Cuba and from Cuba to America, where they ended up living in Central Park West for 50 years. They sold off much of the art due to high cost of insurance but this piece remained in the family.

The Dance in the Country by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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