Ruston Artisans


Our Mission


Ruston Artisans brings art and people together for enjoyment, discovery, learning, and opportunity. We are committed to creating a place where local art and artists are promoted and supported through exhibitions and programs that strengthen and sustain our community.

Our Vision


Ruston becomes a recognized destination where people are inspired and gathered together to create community through art.

Our Objectives


Through visually stimulating and thoughtful exhibits; fun, yet educational workshops; and, community oriented and informative social events, we seek to:

  • Bring joy and beauty to the art collector.

  • Broaden community participation in cultivating emerging artists and contributing to a larger arts dialogue.

  • Contribute to Ruston’s reputation as a leader in art appreciation and an art destination.

  • Create unique career experiences for local students through internships and other opportunities.

  • Encourage understanding and appreciation of art’s role in society.

  • Offer an exciting venue where artists can exhibit and sell their art.

  • Provide a platform to celebrate art in all its various forms, including (Visual) Art, Culinary, Design, Entertainment, Fashion, Media, Music, and Performance.

  • Represent, Promote and Launch local artists by providing a quality venue and gallery, an effective website, creating continuous opportunities.

  • Stimulate active learning about art and the creative process by providing meaningful educational experiences and encounters with art in a barrier-free setting that is designed to inspire, while providing fun.