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Julie Mays

Julie is an Interior Designer who has partnered with Ruston Artisans to introduce art into your home. She was raised loving color, with childhood summers were full of art camps and museums. Her family moved often, so turning empty new living spaces into warm, comfortable and functional homes was a personal lifestyle, and those beginnings formed in her a hunger for design and creativity that has stayed with her to this day.


Julie has a degree in Interior Design from  the University of Arkansas, with a minor in Studio Art. 

Following graduation, she designed children’s hospital spaces to be more creative and fun, and much less scary for children who were already uncomfortable and fearful; a university head coach’s office; an industrial & mobile dealership, and an Aveda Concept hair salon. On the residential front, where design becomes a very personal reflection of the homeowner, her approach to materials and application is equally personal. She strives to combine form with function for families considering budget, timeliness, ease of care, layout of furnishings, window treatments, lighting, art placement among many other details. She focuses on her strengths in creativity of material selections and combinations, design and layouts, finishes, and her obsession in finding the perfect piece for each and every detail, regardless of project size,

Julie Mays Interiors accommodates both residential and commercial design, combining a deep appreciation for color, texture, design and materials together with more than 20 years of experience across hundreds of projects of every size and scale. 

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