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Jean DeFreese Moore

Jean DeFreese Moore has a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University, where she contributed 23 years of desktop publishing and graphic design to the Athletic Media Relations Office. Prior to Tech, she taught art at a private school in West Virginia. Active in community projects, Jean has assisted in the creation of the entry hall mural at Lincoln Parish Museum, and with designing backdrops at a private dance academy.

In the last couple of years, Jean participated with a local artist group, called Painting with Prayer at the home of Tommy and Marion Folk, where she learned about paint pouring. Having mastered that, Jean sought to embellish on that skill and began to use the pouring as a backdrop for artistic stories and landscapes. With each piece of Jean's artwork, she includes scripture and prays over each painting.

In addition to her visual artistry, Jean Defreese Moore is an author and has just finished writing her fourth book in the published series ‘A Father’s Love.'

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