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Donna F McGee artwork


Painting en plein air is a way of gathering information, both perceptual and emotional; another means of understanding and enjoying nature for en plein air artist Donna F McGee of Ruston, Louisiana.


Donna is a nature artist specializing in oil and fluid acrylic paint. Donna features 'Explorations of Nature' with artwork of west north American landscapes. She is naturally drawn to water as it sculpts, reflects, and nourishes life, and believes it is the most powerful energy on earth. In nature she searches for meaning in life and understanding of self, having found mystery and darkness, and sometimes humor and light. She sees paintings as portals inviting us to wander on a visual journey. Nature offers her an antidote to the stress and stimulation of our modern environment where we are constantly bombarded with information, expectations, and frustrations. "Art, like life, is a journey always intriguing, always changing."

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