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Current Exhibition


"A rare opportunity to buy

exclusive work from artists

and personal collections"

Featuring Artists

Dean Dablow, Dianne Douglas, Keldrick Dunn,

Linda Dwyer, Maryam El-Awadi,


John Charles Ford, Kit Gilbert, Vincent Golshani,


Ashley Greer, Janine Hill, Marvin Iraheta,


Peter Jones, Box Leangsuksun, Todd Maggio,


Jim Mann, Madeline Marak,

Stacey Thomas Medaries, Jean DeFreese Moore,

Francisco Reyes, Noula Rodakis, Lacey Stinson,


M. Douglas Walton and Caroline Youngblood

Artifinds Exhibition includes a variety of exclusive works from local artists and personal collections.  The gallery displays exclusive works and Venue displays artwork that are apart of a variety of collections. 

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