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Summer Exhibition 2020

Artifinds Gallery

July 15 - September 25


On display in the Venue 

June 15th - September 25th 2020

Artist and Personal Collections 

About the Artists

Ashley Greer

Francisco Reyes

Jean DeFreese Moore, 'Life of Christ in Acrylic Pour' featured in the Spring 2020 'Risen' Virtual Exhibition


Jim Mann, Photography Collection

John Charles Ford

Lacey Stinson, 'Doodles' and 'If I Were a Cat for Only an Hour' published children's books, with his graphite illustrations available for reproduction prints.

M Douglas Walton

Marvin Iraheta

Noula Rodakis

Peter Jones, 'Vanishing Ruston' Photography Exhibition

Vincent Golshani "Un Vision Extraordinario" -Salvador Dali

Life of Christ in Acrylic Pour by Jean DeFreese Moore

Jean DeFreese Moore was a featured artist in the Spring 2020 (March - May) Risen Exhibition, a Celebration of our Lord.


Local Ruston resident Jean is active in her church's children's ministry and serves part-time as secretary, is active in "Painting with Prayer, Ruston" and "Ruston Community Men's Shed." Jean received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree from Louisiana Tech University, with 23 years contributing desktop publishing and graphic design for the LATech Athletic Media Relations Office.

Jean is the author and artist of the published book series "A Father's Love". Currently four books make up the series, they include A Father's Love, More of a Father's Love, Love for the Father, and Love of the Father.

Contact Us to learn more about Jean's artwork and her book series.

Jean DeFreese Moore

Vanishing Ruston by Peter Jones

Peter Jones, Vanishing Ruston Exhibition 2008 is photography collection of Ruston landmarks that have changed, renovated or no longer exists.

Peter Jones
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